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Due to the complexity of our clients needs Avitra Exhibit Technologies has discontinued our self-service eshop.

However, we still assist our clients with best practice design recommendations over the phone and are processing all orders by phone to better provide the personalized service that our clients demand.

Rest assured that we still carry all the name brands and variety of equipment that you have come to expect from Avitra. Categories of equipment we carry include: Audio/Video Adapters, Amplifiers/Mixers, Controls and Sensors, Digital Audio/Video Repeaters, Dome Speakers, LED Lighting, Message on Hold, Microphones, Premade Cables, Public Address Systems, Push Buttons, Raw Cable, Speakers, Telephone Handsets, Ultrasonic Speakers, Walking Tour Equipment.

And, as always, feel free to contact Avitra regarding design and installation including audio and video production.

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