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We puts the gee whiz in exhibits. Avitra is an advocate to the edutainment (education and entertainment) community. Avitra provides world class exhibit technology services , custom electronics, audio/video production, audio/video/computer equipment sales, lighting, guided and self-guided tour systems, consulting, design and fabrication for aquariums, zoos, parks, museums and other educational organizations. Avitra promotes edutainment and visitor returns through the effective use of technology based interactives. Avitra deploys exhibit technologies to help the educational community deliver their messages effectively and does not use technology for the sake of technology alone.
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Featured Product
Hand And Body Proximity Sensor
BPS1 Demo Video

The Hand/Body Proximity Sensor, now available from Avitra LLC, operates when a person's hand or body is placed near the sensor. Physical contact with the sensor is not required. This touchless pushbutton adds a dimension of durability and flexibility above and beyond the traditional moving-contact pushbutton. Place it behind a graphic panel, window, wall, or underneath a tabletop or chair, for a pushbutton-type trigger for your exhibit audio, video, or other interactive function.

The BPS1 Hand/Body Prox provides an off-the-shelf, easy to use, and economical solution not previously available. The sensor, having no moving parts, and placed fully protected from abuse and damage, will give you years of maintenance-free operation in a 24/7 application. The BPS1 Hand/Body Prox triggers when a person's hand or body interferes with the low-level electric field in front of its sensing face. It can look through non-metallic materials like wood, laminates, glass, acrylic, drywall, corrugated substrates, plastics, and more. Sensitivity is adjustable, providing an operating range of up to 4 inches from the sensor face. 2 simultaneous outputs are provided: relay contacts(NO and NC form C) for easy universal connection to your triggered device, and a solid state output where long-term reliability is needed. Calibration is self-monitored, and automatically compensates for changing environmental conditions. Contact Avitra, at 847-803-4832 for more details, or to discuss your application.

Avitra LLC, 1567 South Cora Street, Des Plaines, Illinois, 60018

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