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Avitra has hundreds of combinations of audio and video repeaters. Please give us a call with your special needs. Or check out our eshop for some of our most popular units.
What is a DAR or DVR?
Much like artifacts in museums, audiotapes, videotapes, CD's, DVD's and their systems are things of the past. Audiotape and videotape formats such as open reel, looping cartridges, common cassette and VHS have all been replaced by solid-state memory chips. These solid-state system are even preferable to CD audio and DVD video due to there longevity and robust nature.

Here's a question: cassette tape is to a cassette tape player as memory is to what? The answer is a digital message repeater.

Digital message repeaters or DMRs are sold-state playback devices that range in quality from AM radio to high end studio sound reproduction (some even playback video). You may have some bad memories associated with exhibits that in the past used some type of audiotape or video tape system. It has always been difficult for an organization (regardless of size) to maintain any type of audio visual system that used tape in their presentations. Some of the problems included: never-ending costly maintenance and repair, tapes that wear out and sound/look poor, managing a library of expensive replacement tapes and last but not least, trying to finding the guys that installed the system in the first place. With the exception of finding the guys who installed the system, DMRs put an end to all of that. With solid-state construction, there are no moving parts to wear out, ensuring that messages play back the same every time, even after millions of plays, with no loss of sound and video quality.

Additionally, DMRs include features that were not available in the past, such as, built-in amplifiers, push button start control, audio looping control, on site recording ability, and control relays that can be used for lighting or automation. DMRs can even be started automatically with an electric eye or a motion detector.

Although this solid-state stuff is good news, there is more. If you work with someone who is a home stereo enthusiast, they can install a audio DMR that will hold up to 60 seconds of audio for around $249.00. Just include a speaker and pushbutton and you're off and running. Dome speakers can be helpful were acoustical separation is essential.

Avitra can help those of you that would like a turn-key system installed and services may include a site survey, script editing, recording studio time, voice over talent, sound effects, a display case, and system installation.

Digital Audio Message Repeaters


Avitra has a wide selection of digital message repeaters, which are perfect for Information Kiosks, Self-Guided Tours, Exhibit/Display Audio, Trade Shows, Trail Guides, Visitor Instructions, Golf Courses and just about any Sound Effect. Most of these devices feature on-site recording, maintenance free, single message up to 60 minutes and more, microphone/line level input, simple installation, built-in power saver circuitry, full user in-field programming, non-volatile digital storage, starts by any contact closure, internal 10 watt amplifier, rugged design, indoor or outdoor use, relay output for lighting effects, and a compact size which fits just about anywhere.

A Telephone Handset is great for applications where messages shouldn't be overheard by passers-by and can be added to just about any DMR. Features injection-molded lexan construction, a 40" armored stainless steel cord, and a 1000 lb.. test steel lanyard inside the cable to prevent abuse

Digital Video Repeaters


Avitra has a wide selection of digital video repeaters, which are perfect for Information Kiosks, Self-Guided Tours, Exhibit/Display Video, Trade Shows, Theaters, Visitor Instructions, Video Walls and just about anywhere video is needed. The Brightsign DVR is a high performance, high value solid state MPEG 1 and MPEG 2 looping player for Point of Purchase, kiosk, display, presentation or any other application demanding high quality interactive video.

ODMR60 Outdoor Trailside DMR

Call For Price

The photograph shows one of our Outdoor Audio Playback Units. When your visitors push the button, they can get information such as, hours of operation, outdoor exhibit descriptions, trail side information and directions, golf course tips and tricks, real estate sales, outdoor advertising and just about anything else you can think of. These devices are on-site recordable/re-recordable, maintenance free, compact, and simple to install for indoor and outdoor use. They also contain features such as microphone/line level input, built-in power saver circuitry, user in-field programming, non-volatile digital storage, starts by any contact closure, and rugged design. They are all digital with no moving parts to wear out. These units operate with a 12VDC transformer or an optional long life rechargeable replacement battery. Additionally, these units can continuously be recharged with an optional solar cell system. The molded fiberglass polyester enclosure has outstanding chemical, temperature, and weather resistance. A scratch-resistant GE Lexan Margard window is permanently bonded in place for graphics on other models. This enclosure can be mounted to a wall, rail or post. Approximate case dimension: 11"W x 12"H x 6.5"D. Approximate graphic space: 8.5" x 11"

Digital Audio Picture Frame PFDMR60


Audio in 3 Easy Steps
1. Install batteries.
2. Record your message with the built-in microphone.
3. Hang on wall or prop up unit with built-in stand.

Our new PFDMR60 is a picture frame incorporating a field recordable digital message repeater that plays messages stored in its internal memory. There are no moving parts in the unit; hence, no degradation of quality due to mechanical wear and tear. Each playback of the message is as good as the first one. The message can be activated by the built-in push button switch. These units can be hung on a wall or propped up with the build-in stand for counter or desktop use.

Features: Low Cost, Simple Installation, Field Recordable, Built-in Microphone, Battery Operated Or AC Adapter, Wall Mount or Tabletop With Built-in Stand, Digital Recording With No Moving Parts, Great For Exhibits And Point Of Purchase, Key Locked Frame, Nonvolatile Memory, 6" x 8" Graphic Area.

Digital Message Repeater Turnkey Packages

Call For Pricing

Package Includes:
*Site Survey
*Script Editing
*Recording Service
*Voice Over Talent
*SFX Production
*1-4 minutes Digital Massage
*DMR Programming
*Rustic Housing With Speaker
*Graphic Design/Installation
*System Installation
*Housing Includes: a game type button and a built-in 4"- 8 ohm speaker with grill. A plastic graphic frame and four brass mounting screws are provided. These cases are made of rustic white pine with a pecan finish and are suitable for indoor use. They can be mounted to a wall, rail or table top. Approximate case dimension: 12"W x 5"H (Front)/6 3/4"H(Back) x 6 3/4"D. Approximate
graphic space: 5"W x 3"H.

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