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Listed below is a small sampling of exhibits where Avitra has designed and fabricated the exhibit technology portion of the project. Often this includes audio, video, lighting, electromechanical control, computer programming, multimedia production, show control and automation. In some cases Avitra has also designed and fabricated the cabinetry.

Expanding UniverseExpanding Universe
This exhibit demonstrates the expanding universe. At the push of a button a custom manufactured balloon with images of galaxies expand as the balloon is inflated. After a few moments the balloon deflates and the system resets for the next visitor.  This exhibit has many warning and operational sensors in order to keep the exhibit running smoothly.  The museum staff is notified when the balloon needs replacement.

Boat Sound ScapeBoat Sound Scape
As a visitor passes by this boat a soundtrack automatically begins to play which encourages them to enter the boat and take a video tour of a lake region. Sounds include water lapping against the side of the boat and sounds of nature, such as frogs, fish jumping, birds and insects.

Koss Sound StudioThe Koss Sound Studio
The Koss Sound Studio is part of the it's Artastic exhibit at the Betty Brinn Children's Museum in downtown Milwaukee. The museum visitor is given the opportunity to operate a functional sound mixing console, which was developed by Avitra. A multitrack music recording is played back digitally. The visitor operates sliding faders to individually control the volumes of the individual instruments, and reverb effects. It was clear that the use of traditional potentiometers would not be reliable or durable enough to last any length of time in a children's museum environment. So Avitra designed the sliding fader mechanisms using industrial grade bearing components. The sliding fader positions are read by optical sensors built into each fader mechanism. A custom analog and digital signal processing system accomplishes the individual channel volume mixing. All electrical components are noncontact and not moving, which meansthey will exhibit no mechanical wear or failure. The kids using the exhibit can now experience the musical control wielded by studio engineers in creating modern music recordings

Interactive BrainInteractive Brain
Children interact with this exhibit by pushing buttons associated with different regions of the brain. When pushed, a voice track recorded by children explains the function of that specific region. Corresponding light boxes light up with a photo demonstrating that region's ability.

Theater SoundTheater Sound Consulting
It has been industry documented that a typical client installs at least 3 sound systems (by the maintenance man, someone's nephew, house electrician, band member, stereo enthusiast or design/build contractor) before they get a proper system for their facility. In this project Avitra provided consulting, design, contract formulation and project management for a semi-in-the-round live musical theater sound system. Avitra determined the client's needs and budget through interviews with the board of directors, all theater staff, performers and the review of visitor comment cards. Avitra called on several professional speaker manufacturers such as JBL, EV, and Bose who provided complimentary speaker placement designs. After which, Avitra designed a complete system that included speakers, mixing board, amplifiers, processing equipment, hanging microphones, wireless microphones, and playback equipment. Avitra then create a request for proposals and helped the board of directors review submissions and made recommendations for choosing the proper installation vendor. Avitra project managed the installation process and when finished, confirmed proof of system performance. For added support, Avitra conducted operational instruction sessions with all necessary staff members, attended dress rehearsals and several of the opening season performances.

Walkthrough TheaterWalkthrough Theater (2002 MUSE, Bronze Technology Award)
This DVD based walkthrough theater includes three custom synchronized DVD players and three playback displays, including one video monitor providing a peppers ghost effect and two video projectors with side by side large front projection screens. As visitors enter the space the presentation begins automatically. The narration, is presented via the peppers ghost playback monitor. The general video content is displayed by the two video projectors providing synchronized but differing content simultaneously.

Interactive Voice Over Recording StudioInteractive Voice Over Recording Studio
This exhibit simulates a real voice over recording studio. Visitors can try their hand at recording a new soundtrack for an animated film. As visitors watch the animation clip they have the opportunity to record new dialog in the provided microphone. After the recording is finished the animation clip is automatically played back with the newly recorded voice over. Other features include a recording and playback monitor light and an authentic control room with working audio mixing board.

Dance Studio InteractiveDance Studio Interactive
In this dance studio interactive children can choose to view ballet dance routines on the large video display. Afterwards they can listen to music and practice what they have learned while watching themselves dance through the selection of live cameras integrated throughout the exhibit

Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk
This interactive touch screen employs Avitra's exclusive Trimline interactive touch screen. Trimline is only 2.5 inches thick and has no moving parts to wear out such as hard drives and CD ROMs. Trimline stores all software on solid state memory cards. This kiosk recreates a child's photo album. As you thumb through the album pages a child's voice narrates and recalls memories of bygone days.

See Through CowSee Through Cow
This exhibit is a retrofit of a cow digestive interpretation. The original exhibit used incandescent lighting with volatile audio playback and handheld telephone type handsets. It required many hours of maintenance and was often completely broken down. Avitra replaced the lighting with over 50 super bright LED lighting fixtures. Avitra remanufactured the show controller using solid state audio playback with automatically adjusting audio amplifiers. Avitra also replaced old outdated handsets with dome speakers.

Interactive Audio KioskInteractive Audio Kiosk
This simple interactive audio kiosk welcomes visitors to a schoolhouse atmosphere. When visitors push the button located on the child's chalkboard they hear a recreation of school days long past, such as children playing before class on a spring day, the ringing school bell and teacher with children greeting each other in the classroom. After which a narrator welcomes you and interprets the classroom surroundings.

Typical Audio, Video And Control SystemTypical Audio, Video And Control System
This rack performs behind-the-scenes to control a viewing gallery exhibit area. Some features include automated startup and playback of a video which is presented on a plasma screen in the viewing gallery. Staff members can choose to display behind the scenes video cameras on the plasma display through the use of a video switcher. In the event an emergency arises which may be disturbing for visitors, remote controls are available which allow staff to automatically switch to a pre-recorded video and also turns viewing gallery glass opaque so that visitors cannot see through. This rack also contains an automated audio amplifier system which senses acoustical ambience in the viewing gallery and compensates for ambient sound levels. Video monitors are placed where staff can keep track of what visitors are seeing at any given moment.


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