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  • Information Kiosks
  • Donor Recognition Wall
  • Interactive Games
  • Way finding
  • Interactive Interface
  • Audio-visual Control
  • POP Display
  • Graphic Slide Show
  • Custom Calculators
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Trimline Kiosk by Avitra
trimlineTrimline combines graphics, audio, and video in a compact interactive presentation solution. Trimline incorperates friendly touchscreen or pushbutton interaction with rugged construction, and programmable controlling functions, all packed into a compact unit that easily goes where you need it.
    trimline kiosk
  • Goes Where Others Can't
  • Walls
  • Counters
  • Traditional Kiosks
  • Reading Rails
  • One Of A Kind Exhibits
  • Exhibit Panels
  • Podiums
  • Sculptures
  • Graphic Panels
zoo kioskTrimline is perfect for museums, zoos, aquariums, parks and POP. It's simplified program configuration process brings affordability to your custom application. Even temporary exhibits can be cost-effective with hardware that can be reprogrammed and reused.

Some uses include interactive kiosks, interpretation stations, custom calculators, orientation theater control, interactive games, audio/visual control, video playback, electromechanical exhibit visitor interface, POP displays, and sound with graphics display. Trimline's mounting is easy and versatile. Examples include traditional kiosks, graphic panels, walls, reading rails, podiums, sculptures and one-of-a-kind exhibits.

  • Game Possibilities
  • Calculating Games
  • Slot Machine Games
  • Wheel of Fortune Games
  • True and False Games
  • Matching Games
  • Multiple Choice Games
  • High Low Games
  • Catch the Character Game
  • Before and After Games
  • Fortune Teller Games
  • Shell Games
  • Pan And Tilt Photo

Trimline has a wealth of expandability and connectivity options, giving it unmatched flexibility. Difficult power wiring situations will become easier with its low voltage operation. All graphics, audio, video and control logic are stored in solid-state memory, so there are no moving parts to wear out. Expanded functionalities include external device control with a variety of input and output options, serial communication (RS232/RS422/10Base-T Ethernet/USB), and networking to other external devices.

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