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by James F. Bebarski

Museum of Science and IndustryThe photo that you see here is my cousin Joey and myself at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry's "Yesterday's Main Street" exhibit. It was taken on January 25th, 1968 when I was only 6 years old. I am driving and my cousin Joey is the passenger. I remember that I found the exhibit very interesting; the old time store fronts, the silent movie theater, and the old time ice cream parlor. When I was a kid, it cost five cents to see a Betty Boop silent cartoon in the movie theatre and the lines at the ice cream parlor went out the door and around the corner to the "Coal Mine" exhibit. Well, now its 2010 and not much has changed in the "Yesterday Main Street exhibit". There has been some minor renovations. You can still have your picture taken in the same car I did, the lines at the ice cream parlor are still long, but the movie now has free admission. Twenty-five years after this picture was taken, I got a job at the museum working in the Space Center and I still found "Yesterday's Main Street" fascinating. Although I no longer work for the museum, as an exhibit designer, I am happy to have my own projects in residence at the museum, like "Toymaker 3000", that my own children can visit and enjoy.

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