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Demo Sound Files
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Hoosier Grove Museum (Illinois)
At Avitra the world of sound design encompasses ambient sound scapes for exhibits and public spaces (Verbatim Sound Scapes), live theatrical sound design, sound for video and film, radio production and audio recording for voice, music and sound effects. Listed below is a sampling of projects that were designed, produced and engineered at Avitra in our recording studio. All files were originally digitally mastered (44,100kHz 16bit Stereo) and digitally mixed down.

Note:The sound files below are copyrighted and are not free for use, To obtain permission for use or for a custom creations please contact Avitra LLC

Amusement Park


A dark ride is an indoor amusement ride on which passengers aboard guided vehicles travel through specially lit scenes that typically contain animation, sound, music and special effects.

Exhibit Sound Examples

Ice Age Sound Scape
Lake County Discovery Museum VSS sound scape for the Mastodon exhibit.

Voice Over Demo
This file includes examples of exhibits narrated by one of our in house voice over talents James F. Bebarski.

Swamp Sound Scape
The "White Alligator Exhibit", Shedd Aquarium Chicago.

Boat On Water Sound Scape
This sound scape depicts an anchor
ed rowboat with water lapping against it, and sounds of nature all around.

Train Station Sound Scape

European train station with steam train, people working, station announcements and horse with carts.

Victorian Kitchen Narration With SFX

Description of a Victorian kitchen with sound effects.

Theatre Sound Design Examples

Dream GirLS

Jimmy Early and the Dreamettes radio announcement segment.

The Nerd

Phone answering machine sequence.

A wonderful Life

Spring day with birds, children, church bells, dog barking and horse clip-clop.

Music Production Examples


Short Clip From The Song "Miles"

Contemporary Christian Rock

"Run The Race" by P.J. Malin.

Screaming hard rock guitars

By the Two "Inning Brewers".

New Age

New Age music with keyboards and acoustical violin.

Rap Music

Rap/House music.

Barber shop

By the "Chicago Fire".

Polka Music

Polka Music..

Cuban Music

By "La Nostra".

Classical music

Classical music with acoustical violin and MIDI keyboards.

Big Band music

By the "Downtown Sound".

Radio Production Examples

Tech of the town radio show

Radio show "Tech Of The Town" produced by Avitra LLC.

Radio Commercial

Radio production "Marie Calender" commercial.

the Sportscasters radio show

Produced out of our studios; this one hour sports talk show was hosted by a panel of prominent Chicago sportscasters and was executive produced and directed by Avitra LLC.


Avitra LLC, 1567 South Cora Street, Des Plaines, Illinois, 60018

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