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Multi-track Recording Studio
Digital Audio WorkstationThe multi-track process can be used for a variety of projects including musical demos, record albums (Alternative, Blues, Dance, Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz, Metal, R&B, Rap and Rock Demo Sound Files), sales or training audio tapes, theater and radio productions, ambient sounds tracks for exhibits (VSS Sound Scapes) and film and video projects.

It takes many things to make a recording studio successful: competent engineering, proper equipment, suitable room acoustics, and an understanding of the client's needs. These are all at the heart our success.

Our engineers/producers have the experience it takes to help you make the right decisions regarding budgeting, production quality, and distribution requirements.

The nerve center of Avitra's studio is our twenty-four channel Allen and Heath audio mixing console in combined with our Pro Tools digital mastering and editing workstation, make for a very hot combination. We also have a wide variety of high quality microphones that get the job done right, and of course, lots of post-production processing equipment such as gates, reverbs, delays, compression, limiting, pitch transposing, equalization, and much more.

Room design and acoustics are a very important part of any studio. At Avitra we have taken extra care in designing a non-parallel, double insulated, floating wall system. This, combined with a custom-tuned speaker system in our control room, gives our clients the highest production quality possible.

Avitra has a full selection of electronic keyboards, drum machines, and audio samplers, to enhance any project with special instrument sounds or effects, like those that you would hear on top quality record albums. These devices can be controlled manually or with our digital audio workstation.

Audio Digitization and Remastering
StudioAvitra Exhibit Technologies re-masters and digitizes audio from a wide variety of sources such as vinyl (all formats), open reel, DAT, ADAT, cassette, SVHS, CD, Mini-CD, Mini-Disc and audio files (any type). We can re-master or digitize to a file format of your choice or playback media. Are services are available for libraries, museums, and other archiving organizations. We can also prepare your audio and video content for web presentation. Please give us a call regarding your special needs.

Radio Production
tomAvitra has been helping people in the field of radio for many years. We can write, produce, and engineer anything from an entire show to a thirty-second commercial. Demo tapes for news, sports, voice-overs, and on-air talent are common sessions done at Avitra (Demo Sound Files). We often produce demos for professional D.J.s who would like their search for a new position kept confidential, or newcomers who would like to break into the field of radio broadcasting. Avitra even offers remote location engineering services to the professional broadcast community.

Video Production
Video ProductionAvitra can write, produce, direct, and engineer many types of video production. We can assist you in the production of music videos, sales and training tapes, cable commercials, demos for television, documentaries, video resumes, sports training tapes, video for exhibits and special events. We can do in-studio or on-location productions. Avitra primarily engages in non-linear digital workstation editing with the award winning Adobe Premiere Pro software revolutionizes nonlinear video editing. Powerful real-time video and audio editing tools give you precise control over virtually every aspect of your production (other formats and editing also available).

Avitra LLC, 1567 South Cora Street, Des Plaines, Illinois, 60018